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125A 230V Changeover Switch Mains - Generator




125 amp changeover switch supplied with busbar

Switches power supply between 240V mains and generator supply

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£ 19.00

1 x 125 amp, 240 volt, changeover switch supplied with busbar

  • 2 position switch to transfer between mains and back up generator
  • 2 normally open and 2 normally closed contacts
  • for DIN rail mounting in an enclosure with atleast 4 empty single pole modules

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT switch under full load, this applies to any changeover switch, as switching under full load causes arcing which can damage the contacts.

Amperage 125A (amp)
Voltage 240V
Package Quantity 1
Weight 385 Grams
Brand ESR Enterprise Ltd
Country Of Origin China

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